Friday, September 17, 2010

The Boot That Stamps On Your Face

False footprint of history misleads
our brains, destroys our lives

"Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce, and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate."--James A. Garfield, 20th U.S. president, two weeks before he was assassinated in 1881.
by John Kaminski

This is the fact we can't get straight.

One side - one entity, one organization - funds BOTH sides in all the wars.

Failure to comprehend this one stark truth has diminished human life beyond comprehension. For openers, it has cost millions of human lives throughout the 20th century and into the 21st in the form of wars that were cynically fomented to mask the massive robberies of other countries. And all of them - every single one - has been manipulated into being, not for geopolitical or philosophical purposes, but for robbery, pure and simple. All done under some patriotic rubric and all done by the same bunch, money controllers of that certain stripe whose name it is not permitted to mention in that society they call polite.

The way to see that picture of one central controlling financial octopus slithering down through history with backroom bribes and secret assassinations is to take the core syllabus of Eustace Mullins and Archibald Maule Ramsay, edit it, and lay it out like an outline.

1645: Portuguese Jewish bankers in Holland Solomon de Medina and Fernando Carvajal secretly fund Oliver Cromwell to readmit the Jews to England, where they had been banished for loansharking for almost 400 years. This drama leads to the killing of the king, the debauching of Ireland, and the capture of the British treasury by the Jews, which is why the [Rothschild] City of London is the power center of the world today.

1791: The great liberation - peace, freedom and brotherhood. Run secretly by Jewish bankers inside British intelligence, the French overthrew their corrupt and bankrupt king by burning churches and slaughtering each other in the streets while the newly powerful Rothschild dynasty paraded one murderous puppet after another and completely erased the heroic history of the Gauls that had made France an empire. Today France has a Jewish president who reportedly works for the CIA. [Controlled by the Israeli Mossad]

1917: A trainload of Jews from Brooklyn carrying $40 million in gold bullion steamed across Europe and wound up occupying 363 of the 388 seats in the new Bolshevik assembly after these humanitarian Jewish revolutionaries cut up the czar and his family into little pieces and burned them. You may not have noticed, but these are the people in charge of the United States now. [MM: YES, I have noticed!!!]

1945: Hitler had been assisted in his drive to power by notable U.S. interests, whose descendents were to include future U.S. presidents. It was all part of a long-range plan to have a second German war, but more than that, it was a perfect example of how the international money machine was funding both sides in the same conflict, for the obvious purpose of making money off the consumption of weaponry, armaments, and the other amenities of war.

1967: Nelson Rockefeller smiles in Moscow while delivering trucks to the USSR, who forwarded them to North Vietnam, where they were used to kill American troops.

2010: Al Qaida shows up as designated enemy all over the world. Invented by Zbigniew Brzezinski after he recruited the Mujaheddin to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan, the created terrorist group was really a list, a data base, of Arab thugs who could be bought and used as double agents. Although a cynical fiction, this "base" was blamed for the 9/11 attack, and used to justify wars all over the world. It was the creation of "the perfect enemy," one which could never be caught because it did not really exist, except as a department of the Jewish intelligence agencies.

Many other entries of salient significance could be added to this list, but for purposes of comprehension and future use, this pattern, this syllabus, should be used to illustrate and verify the secret political pattern that has dominated the world since the Age of Enlightenment, the time of Shakespeare, a period of almost 400 years.

These other entries might include:

* 1815: Nathan Rothschild's capture of the British money exchange after the battle of Waterloo, in which France's Napoleon was defeated by Britain's Wellington, and Rothschild increased his fortune by a factor of 5000 by misrepresenting the outcome. The founder of this Rothschild dynasty that has controlled the world for 200 years began when Nathan's father killed the 25-year-old Prince William of Hesse and stole his fortune.

* 1847: At a wedding in London, Britain's Jewish PM Benjamin Disraeli, inventor of the term Zionism, told James and Lionel Rothschild that the U.S. would be divided into two parts: the north for James and the South for Lionel. That next year came the Worldwide Jewish Revolution of 1848, when revolutions occurred in every country in the world and the organization later known as B'nai Brith hooked its financial tentacles into literally every corner of the world. That was the year Marx wrote the Communist manifesto.

* 1913: German Jewish banker Paul Warburg ramrodded the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax through a paid-off Congress, and World War I, finally with enough money to build the weapons of war, introduced an era where permanent, continuous war would become a financial necessity simply to pay the armies it had created.

* 1932: Hitler did not have the money to seriously prepare for war until he sent his Jewish lawyer Rosenberg to London to enlist the help of American industrialists to fund the Nazi war machine. Shortly thereafter, America declared a bankruptcy it has never resolved, and also confiscated all the gold in the country.

Even today as high-tech sadists use weather wars to destabilize enemy countries and oppress the populations into grateful submission, we see in the pattern of the world that is being formed before our eyes the same basic falsehood that has been perpetrated on the public these last four centuries - that it is countries who are fighting each other, whereas really it has been clever bankers establishing institutions and manipulating situations to make it appear these countries needed to be fighting each other, when in fact the only reason for these wars was to make money, usually by stealing things.

So when I hear people talking about Republicans and Democrats,

or this celebrity or that, I kind of shut it all out now, because I know

the real news is really taking place on another level. It does us no good to understand the parliamentary blather that accomplishes certain

tasks, as long as we don't know what the original orders are from the bankers to the politicians. Understanding what passes for political news in mainstream media (in any era) guarantees that you DON'T understand the real forces at play.

The testament of suppressed history from Mullins, Ramsay and other forgotten martyrs to the cause of truth clearly shows a master plan that has survived and prospered down through history. This dominant force has profoundly diminished our lives through regimentation and hypocrisy, not to mention unleashing the nastiest plagues ever known to man and killing people for fun, just because they like blood.

Most importantly, now is the time to clearly identify this potentially fatal influence on world society, because not to do so guarantees no problem of meaningful significance will ever be solved, because the underlying, motivational forces of them remain undiscussed. It's impossible to really know anything under these circumstances. And that's where the public remains today - permanently in the dark.

Lastly, in the study of human nature, let us remember our traditions are descended from the seed of Abraham, the famous banker who sold his wife to Pharoah and begat a tradition of sabotaging other countries by stealth that venerated blood ties over honesty, and righteous murder over the compassion they pretended to preach.

If we are to have a future that involves individual liberty, understanding the nature of the boot on our faces is the most important thing to know.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, who for eight years on the Internet, and thirty-some years before that in newspapers, has been trying to tell people that the world is hooked into an artificial reality that has been constructed for them by people who don't have their best interests at heart. Contributions to and comments about his work may be directed to 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9-11 And The Pentagon

source: Dick Eastman

9 Years are gone and the following evidence has never been shown on any mainstream media news program or 9-11 documentary. Popular Mechanics and the New American knew of it but avoided presenting it our mentioning it -- although this body of evidence was assembled back in March of 2002.

But this information was not assembled for them. It was assembled for you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Webmaster's Commentary: Mike Rivero WRH

All previous versions of this video showing the collapse straight down of WTC7 began after the cave-in of the Penthouse at the top. This unedited video starts before the Penthouse at the top collapses and very clearly one hears the sound of an explosion initiating the collapse sequence.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Kabbalah is a Hoax

source Richard Evans...

In October 1946, Soviet agent Alger Hiss invited Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm to Washington DC to lay the foundation for the corruption of America's public schools using sex education and sensitivity training.

Chisholm, a Unitarian who soon became the first Director of the World Health Organization, advocated severing children's morality from the "influence of their elders" by conforming to the amorality of the Kabbalah. [1][2]

Many years later, at the 2005 14th World Jewish Congress, Dr. Avraham Elqayam of Bar-Ilan University said the Kabbalist mindset was being mainstreamed through vehicles like Harry Potter books and movies, Madonna and other celebrities.

Why does the United Nations and the World Jewish Congress want Kabbalah taught to the masses of the West?

"Kabbalah" is the unacknowledged religion of the West, a fact that will become evident over time. It is the belief system of Freemasonry and organized Jewry, the two forces that govern the world. It is the reason God and the Ten Commandments have been banished from public life, why Christianity has been gutted and replaced by moral "relativity."


In its current form, the Kabbalah was created by Isaac Luria (1534-1572.) He derived it from THE ZOHAR, a 13th century 23-volume work by a Spanish Jew, Moses de Leon.

Moshe was a prolific writer of books steeped in Medieval philosophy and occult mysticism. According to Wikipedia, "He knew how to charm with brilliant and striking phrases without expressing any well-defined thought. He was a ready writer and wrote several mystical and cabalistic works in quick succession."

These books were arguments against assigning any moral attributes to God or "the endless one" (Ein Sof ). He argued that distinction between good and evil place limits on the infinity of the Ein Sof. Further, Ein Sof is so transcendent that God's not in this universe and has no direct interactions in it, but can be known through ten emanations or qualities of energy called the "Ten Sefirot."

The Sefirot are the ten circles depicted in the 'Tree of Life' diagram pictured in the Zohar and Kabbalah. These mysterious medieval elements continue to intrigue credulous minds and made it a Middle Ages best seller.


The Kabbalah is largely based on the Zohar. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, this is its origin:

"There is a story told about how after the death of Moses de Leon, a rich man of Avila named Joseph offered the widow, who had been left without means, a large sum of money for the original from which her husband had made the copy; and she then confessed that her husband himself was the author of the work. She had asked him several times, she said, why he had chosen to credit his own teachings to another, and he had always answered that doctrines put into the mouth of the miracle-working Simeon ben Yohai would be a rich source of profit". [3]

The specious notion of a Jewish secret mystery school complete with systems of divination and reality-altering magic created a sensation among Jews throughout Europe. However the scholarly Sephardic Jewish leaders in Moorish Spain dismissed the Zohar as a hoax full of heretical and dangerous ideas and banned it.

When the Catholics regained control of Spain from the Moors and expelled (or converted) the Jews in 1492, the dominance of Sephardi culture over Jewry waned.

Many intellectuals went into exile in Jerusalem, where Issac Luria was teaching the Zohar. The ban forbidding study of the Zohar was lifted in 1540 when the balance of power shifted to the Ashkenazi rabbis. Luria's Kabbalah opus was published after his death, and Kabbalah replaced Hakirah ( Mishne Torah) as Judaism's mainstream theology.

The main reason for mainstreaming Kabbalah was to underpin belief in the arrival of the Messiah and with it, Jewish world dominion. Rumors spread like wildfire that the arrival of the Moshiac (Messiah) was at hand.


In the midst of this wishful fervor, the infamous Kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi [4] announced in Smyrna in 1666 that he was the Messiah. Over a million Jews worldwide became his followers. Sabbatai Zevi preached the satanic doctrine, "Praised be He who permits the forbidden."

He reasoned that doing good keeps the universe too balanced and slows down the return of God. Therefore sin is virtue; and observance of the Torah morality was the sin. The essence of Satanism is to turn good and evil on their head.

Sabbatai Zevi's movement thrived until he promised to overthrow the Caliph of Istanbul. The Caliph had him arrested him and gave him the choice of converting to Islam or execution. Sabbatai Zevi converted without hesitation, telling his followers to do the same.

Conversion to Islam was a bit over the top for many rabbis who excommunicated the Sabbateans. However, a core of followers converted with him.[5]

Rabbi Martin Antelman believes an unknown number of Sabbatai's followers returned to the mainstream fold of Judaism and remained secret practitioners of the cult.

The Nobel Prize winning Yiddish storyteller Isaac Bashevis Singer recounted legends among pre-Holocaust Jews in Poland of entire villages that succumbed to these Satanic Kabbalists. His novel "Satan in Goray" is devoted to this subject.

Sabbateanism went underground and within a century had a revival as the semi-secret cult of Jacob Frank. When Adam Weishaupt's branch of the Illuminati was exposed, Amschel Mayer Rothshild set Frank and his cult up in Frankfurt as the new head of the Illuminati.

Frank followed Sabbatai Zevi's strategy of pretending to convert to a target religion in order to infiltrate and destroy it. Frank later returned to Poland with his followers and "converted" to Catholicism. His sponsor had been the King of Poland. But within a year his infamy was obvious and he was imprisoned.


The Kabbah is a hoax, but one which governs our deluded and degenerate society.

For the Kabbalist, good and evil are 'relative' so evil is an illusion. Instead of right and wrong, Kabbalah says every action is like the moon, with a light side and dark side. The Kabbalists say that the adept must embrace his or her dark side to become, "a fully integrated human being".

Not everyone who studies Kabbalah becomes a Satanist. But, Kabbalah is a prerequisite for ALL Luciferian practitioners. Freemasonry rides on Kabbalah, the 19th century "Pope of Freemasonry" Albert Pike said, [6]

"The masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the higher degrees, maintained in the Purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him?

Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods..."[7]

There is only one God. Lucifer is the spine-chilling vacuum that results from the absence of God. The Kabbalah is a hoax that allows its followers to reformulate reality to serve their selfish interests. This is why they teach that "truth is by its nature subjective."

Modernism and secularism are based on the Kabbalah. It is the reason our "civilization" is preoccupied with violence, sex and the occult, and why current events appeared to be scripted in Hollywood. It is the reason our political and cultural leaders are liars and why society has lost its bearings.

As long as Kabbalists (i.e. Illuminati) continue to rule, humanity will continue to spin its wheels.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Zionist Murderers Of Iraq


It has been 20 years since the murderous sanctions of the supranational police force known as the UN were implemented in Iraq. These sanctions claimed over 1.5 million innocent lives including more than 500,000 children by starving them to death. It has now been over 7 years, since the Zionist-instigated, Zionist-designed, Zionist media-enforced occupation of Iraq began, and as of this moment, 1.5 million more innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered. That’s 3 million human beings. Dead. In twenty years time. And these are only the casualties reported. All news files use the phrase “at least” preceding every description of how many are dead after a bombing, a shooting or a missile strike. There are martyrs whose names will never be known, whose faces will never be seen, whose stories will never be told.

In addition to the legacy of rape, murder and destruction, the terrorist armies of America, Britain and their allies have turned Iraq into a toxic wasteland by leaving behind 1,700 tons of depleted uranium (which doesn’t include what was left in the first Gulf War), 5,000 tons of other hazardous waste materials, and over 14,5000 tons of contaminated oil and soil tainted by the oil. Basra, in Southern Iraq, has been devastated by depleted uranium. Fallujah, in Western Iraq, has been torn apart by white phosphorus and mark-77, including 133 of its gorgeous mosques. The diseases contracted from exposure to these weapons of mass destruction are now more exuberant than Hiroshima and Nagasaki after Zionist Harry Truman dropped Zionist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb. Babies are stillborn. People die of cancer and other unknown infections from the WMD-affected areas daily. Mothers and fathers commit suicide due to what has been done to their children. Crops are irrevocably damaged. Water is undrinkable. Those who eat or drink have a high-risk chance of getting sick also. These horror stories are never told either. These are casualties never counted.

The utter devastation of Iraq has turned over 5 million Iraqis into refugees, internally and externally, and 5 million children into orphans. Tens of thousands of Iraqi girls and women have been victimized by Kurdish-Israeli gangsters who have criminal sex rings all across the Middle East from the Zionist entity to Turkey to Syria, after they turned to prostitution as a way to support their families (1). The child mortality rate in Iraq has skyrocketed 150% since 1990, when the deathtrap of UN Resolution 661 was integrated into world policy. Only 50% of school-age children are attending class. Despite being the ancient land of the eternal Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, 70% of Iraq’s people have no access to water. 80% have no access to sanitation. 70% of Iraqis are unemployed, and 43% live in horrendous poverty (2). 5,800 Iraqis are detained in US prisons, overt and covert, for absolutely no reason, with absolutely no evidence, and 30,000 more Iraqis are being detained by the treasonous puppet government with no charges against them in the most inhumane conditions (3). These are undisputable facts. Now the questions are: Who are the criminals behind 20 years of atrocities? And why did they perpetrate such horrible, ungodly crimes against humanity?

Attributing the desecration of Iraq to such generalities as “corporatism” or “imperialism” is baseless and unequivocally cowardly. Corporatism and imperialism are not living, breathing entities which determine the affairs of mankind. There are individuals behind every action of corporate greed and imperial interests. They have names. They have affiliations. And in the case of the illegal invasion, occupation and subsequent genocide against Iraq, every individual involved is a Zionist of Khazarian or Anglo extraction with dual loyalty to the despicable, criminal, illegitimate state of Israel.

A 1982 document entitled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,” written by Oded Yinon, an Israeli foreign policy advisor, appeared in a World Zionist Organization journal, and it describes the Zionist plot to destabilize Iraq and separate it into three states: a Sunni State, a Shia State, and a Kurdish state, before fulfilling the delusional Talmudic prophecy of annexing those lands as a part of Greater Israel. Whenever the Zionist media mentions strife in Iraq, it always describes it as ‘sectarian,’ even if there is no evidence of sectarian strife. This propaganda has been designed by neo-conservative policy makers and commentators from pro-Israel think tanks like Kristol Jr., Kristol Sr., Krauthammer, Pipes and his racist father, Cohen, Goldhagen, Frum (Bush’s speech writer), Lewis and Rubin to portray Iraqis as savages, and as animals, who not only hate Americans but each other as well, to dehumanize them so the American masses are brainwashed to think of them as such and support the illegal war. The traitor and former CIA asset Ahmed Chalabi is at work with a company owned by Zionist criminal Zeev Belinsky to construct a wall in Baghdad to separate Sunni and Shia communities in another scheme to create Iraqi disunity (4). It has been mentioned by several US politicians including self-proclaimed Zionist Joe Biden, that the only solution to the ‘conflict’ in Iraq is to break it up into nation states. Sunni, Shia, Kurd, and Assyrian lived together peacefully in brotherhood before the criminal US-UK invasion. Nation states aren’t necessary. Only an end to the occupation is. That must not be forgotten.

A 1996 document entitled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” was written by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser and other Zionist agents for current Prime Minister of the usurping Zionist entity, mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu. This document saliently featured the removal of Saddam Hussein and the weakening of Iraq as a cornerstone for Israeli success and domination of the region. Richard Perle and Douglas Feith would later become high-ranking officials in the Pentagon for George Bush’s criminal administration, and they were instrumental in the orchestration of the unlawful occupation of Iraq.

In 1998, a bill was signed into law by the butcher of Bosnia, war criminal Bill Clinton entitled “The Iraq Liberation Act” which made ‘regime change’ in Mesopotamia an important aspect of US foreign policy, and it was this felonious legislation that was cited prior to the invasion on March 20, 2003. It was co-authored by Zionist monster Joe Lieberman and banking shill John McCain.

These three documents were what the Zionist puppetmasters of Bush and Cheney used as reasoning to destroy Iraq. Zionist Philip Zelikow, the criminal behind the ridiculous 9/11 Commission Report, admitted that Iraq had been invaded for Israel’s protection (5), as did Marine General Anthony Zinni (6), and Senator Fritz Hollings (7). Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, a chief architect of Iraq’s plight, vehemently advocated torture and executions of Iraqi prisoners, and it is due to his lunacy, that 900 Iraqis sit on death row waiting to be killed, despite being convicted of crimes with no evidence. Wolfowitz encouraged the genocidal army to set up concentration camp-type prisons to break the Iraqis’ spirit of Resistance (8). Wolfowitz was also responsible for bringing in Mossad and Shin Bet advisors to train US assassination hit squads in 2003. He has openly confessed that this was a war of aggression that he helped foment. Why has no court prosecuted this maniac? Zionist Stuart Levey was a key official in the Treasury Department that appropriated additional war funds to the US military. The Pentagon derived its false intelligence for the war from the Office of Special Plans, controlled by Zionists Douglas Feith and Abram Shulsky, which was supported by liar Donald Rumsfeld, and usual suspects Elliot Abrams and Wolfowitz. Feith and Wolfowitz conducted seminars for the US military that focused on torture-interrogation, that should be used by the troops to humiliate any Iraqi that was detained (9). It was this training that led to the horrors in Abu Ghraib prison.

Douglas Feith’s former law partner, L. Marc Zell, formed an alliance with nephew of aforementioned Iraqi traitor Ahmed Chalabi, Salem Chalabi to set up the Iraqi International Law Group, which was called a ‘marketing partnership for Iraq’s reconstruction.’ What it really was, was a war profiteering agency that would rake in billions of dollars on the backs of oppressed and psychologically devastated Iraqis. The companies brought in for this war profiteering were almost exclusively Zionist. 55 Israeli companies are now working in the ruins of Iraq, under assumed names (10), including Perini, the company of Zionist Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, which has received over half a billion dollars in reconstruction contracts (11). Since the invasion, the Zionist entity has exported $300 million of goods annually to Iraq. It has profited from artifacts stolen from Iraq’s soil, like ancient Talmudic manuscripts extracted by the US army’s elite ‘MET Alpha’ unit in May of 2003. Dual citizens of Israel from Kurdistan, working with Mossad, are also engaged in hostile takeovers of the tombs of sacred men regarded as Prophets in the Abrahamic faiths, claiming these are ‘Jewish’ properties to be overseen by the Israeli Minister of Tourism, although every Prophet mentioned is fully accepted by Iraq’s Muslims, and Muslims worldwide. The tombs of the Prophets Jonah in Mosul, Daniel in Kirkuk, Ezekiel in Babel Province near the city of Najaf, and Ezra in Misan Province near Basra belong to Iraq (12). Any statement declaring that these sites belong to Israel is simply more Zionist madness.

Other profiteers included war criminal Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR, which had made billions in building US military bases worldwide, and former CIA agent Erik Prince’s Blackwater, now known as XE, whose homicidal campaigns of trigger happy paramilitary activity have left thousands of Iraqis dead, including the infamous massacre in Nisoor Square. It is estimated that over 100,000 military contractors on the Zionist US government’s payroll are still operating in occupied Iraq, many of them from XE, and 7,000 more have just been sent in after the withdrawal of several brigades of US military men.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah, his eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, made an extremely important point that must be taken into account, during his historic speech for Al Quds Day this year, “If the level of the Israeli spying activities in Lebanon is so high, what can we say about the Israeli espionage in Iraq, amid an American occupation? All of us know that having a strong and unified Iraq is a red line for Israel. That’s why Israel believes it should work day and night to promote conflicts among Iraqis (13).” Mossad has been caught by local Iraqi police interrogating and torturing civilians detained in secret prisons. A retired Israel intelligence offier, Shmoel Avivi has been the primary weapons dealer for ‘terrorist groups’ in Iraq since 2005 (14). More than 530 Iraqi scientists have been slaughtered by Mossad hit squads since 2003, and many of their family members have gone missing (15). As of November 2009, 950 Israeli agents were stationed in Kirkuk and are rumored to have a bomb-making facility there. Just like the parasitic Israeli drones & balloons that have been flying in Lebanese airspace since Hezbollah thoroughly embarrassed the Zionist entity in 2006, several Israel Aerospace Industries reconnaissance drones have been sighted in Iraq since 2007. The killing of an Israeli soldier during a US onslaught against Fallujah that claimed hundreds of innocent lives in 2004, exposed a Zionist network of over 1,000 operatives scattered across neighboring villages (16).

False flags have become the signature of Mossad involvement in a crime; assistance comes from their allies in CIA or MI5. The case of the two British morons dressed up as members of Al-Mahdi Army planting car bombs in the fall of 2005 serves as the most prominent illustration (17). No Iraqi Resistance organization, Sunni or Shia, Muslim or Christian has ever claimed responsibility for any of the truck bombings, ‘suicide bombings,’ or IEDs that have been a part of life in Iraq since the occupation began. The reason why they have never claimed responsibility, is because they aren’t the ones responsible. No suspect has ever been caught in any truck or car bombing. No body for any suicide bomber has ever been uncovered or identified. The IEDs have been portrayed in the Zionist media as homemade explosive devices used by ‘desperate insurgents.’ A closer look at the capabilities of the IED cuts through this monumental and condescending lie; the devices are anything but innovative. These devices are designed. The explosions produced by these devices are powerful enough to flip over a 70 ton tank. Several of the IED models are equipped with depleted uranium projectiles to pierce the toughest military-grade armor (18).

The explosions that murdered 125 innocents at the Imam Ali Mosque on August 29, 2003, the series of bombings that murdered 178 people and injured 500 more on March 2, 2004 for Ashoura, and the two truck bombs that murdered 152 innocents and critically injured 347 more in Tal Afar on March 27th 2007 are menacingly revealing examples that military grade explosives were used due to depleted uranium-tipped shells being found at the scenes of the massacres (19). The only place where such sophisticated weaponry is produced, is the Zionist entity’s laboratories. The IEDs are manufactured by Rafael Advance Defense Systems, the chief weapons developer for IOF. The triggers for the IEDs are manufactured by Zionist company Zapata Engineering, which was given a $200 million contract to store US ammunition and destroy ‘enemy’ ammunition in Iraq. Zapata Engineering convoys routinely travel with US army brigades (20). It is quite interesting, that Zapata’s main office in North Carolina, is near the Fort Bragg US army base where Mossad agents trained assassination squads in 2003 (21). All evidence points to the fact that the murderers of Iraq’s people are NOT Iraqis, but efficiently trained, Zionist explosive experts. The Sayyed was right, Israel works hard day and night indeed.

A final point that needs to be addressed before concluding, is the point of the two theories that mislead those seeking the truth about Iraq, deflecting their attention from Israel to groundlessness. The first theory is a relatively old one, the second theory is a relatively new one. The first theory is the timeless “War for Oil” diatribe that was introduced by the same ‘liberal’ Zionist ideologues that backed the US invasion then miraculously turned against their initial decision. The US already dominated the oil industry. Its excellent relations due to its imposing military presence in a plethora of oil rich nations including Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are evidence of this; and this isn’t counting its own profitable oil and natural reserves on its stolen and occupied Native American land, its bases in East Asia, and its bases in several oil-rich nations on the annihilated continent of Africa. The last thing the US needed was Iraq’s oil. Also, US oil corporations were able, willing, and ready to deal with Saddam Hussein because they feared losing out to Russian, Asian and European competition once Iraq no longer accepted dollars for oil, only Euros. They had already been in deep economic engagement with oil administrators in Iraq, despite sanctions, embargoes, and congressional & presidential disapproval. War and genocide would severely damage their business relationship with Saddam, and it did once the occupation began, hence why gas prices in the US spiked throughout Bush’s reprehensible presidency.

One detail that is never mentioned by the erroneous “War for Oil” crowd for obvious tribal reasons, is that if there indeed was a war for oil, it was a war for oil to send to the Zionist entity. In 1927, the sanguinary British Empire, acting at the behest of Lord Rothschild and his immensely powerful banking clan, built a pipeline from Kirkuk to Haifa to accommodate the energy needs of Zionist Jews illegally migrating into Palestine. After more than two decades of regional conflict, especially unified uprisings in Iraq against the oppressive UK-installed monarchy, the pipeline was severely damaged and it eventually decayed, although the transit route remained. Once the bloodthirsty US military was firm in Iraq’s ground, Zionist Bush reopened the idea of renovating the pipeline much to the delight of his Zionist controllers (22); mass murderer Netanyahu commented “Soon you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa. It is just a matter of time until the pipeline is reconstituted, and Iraqi oil will flow to the Mediterranean. It's not a pipe dream; (23)” and in April of 2008, Haaretz reported the plan to transport Kirkuk’s oil to Haifa via Jordan, the usurping entity’s monarchical ally, for a lucrative transfer fee (24).

The second of the theories, and the more absurd of the two, is that Iran is behind much of the chaos in Iraq, using death squads to breed ethno-religious conflict and instability. It is sickening that there are actually commentators and journalists who believe this idiocy, and it makes one wonder if they are simply Zionist-trained propagandists used to infiltrate the Resistance movement. The only death squads in Iraq are the Special Forces admittedly trained by the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Zionist entity to conduct assassination, kidnaping, torture and rape to intimidate the people into submission (25). These CIA death squads are behind the near extermination of Iraq’s ancient Christian population, who were instrumental in the accomplishment of the July 14th Revolution that removed the British monarchy in Iraq, whose scientists helped make Iraq a center of academia in the Middle East, and whose benevolent leaders always had solidarity with Iraq’s predominantly Muslim population (26). It was the occupying entities of America and Israel that murdered Iraq’s Christians, NOT Iraqis. These foolish anti-Shia, anti-Persian bigots can’t show us a drop of depleted uranium from Iran, an Iranian military base, an Iranian tank, Iranian white phosphorus, Iranian mark-77, Iranian cluster bombs, an Iranian lobby instigating the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and people, or an Iranian media brainwashing the global masses to support the genocide in Iraq because they don’t exist. Spreading disunity and hatred benefits nobody but the Zionist occupiers.

The occupation of Iraq is nowhere near over despite the Zionist-birthed, Zionist-funded, Zionist-supported stooge and liar Barack Obama’s proclamations with cover from the Zionist media. 94 military bases still remain. 40 military camps still remain. 50,000 troops and 100,000 contractors still remain. The largest US embassy in the world is an everyday reminder for the Iraqis of the repugnance, revulsion, and dehumanization they have faced for the past 7 years. The large majority of Iraqi children suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (27); the mental scars inflicted by the occupation may never heal. Depleted uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years; thousands of tons of this destructive substance have been spilled in Iraq since 1990 and the damage caused is irreversible. The tactics used by the occupation forces were designed and implemented to break the people. Iraq remembers Mahmudiyah, Haditha, Karbala, Najaf, Diyala, Anbar, Mukaradeeb, Mosul, Khanaqin, and Baghdad, Basra and Fallujah over and over again. Iraq remembers and it will never forget.

Iraq is the cradle of civilization. It is the sacred land where Prophets walked. Similar to occupied Palestine, it is holy to Muslims, Christians, and Jews who lived together harmoniously before the Zionist entity was created. Iraq is the land of knowledge, where its contributions to mathematics, science, poetry, language, art and culture were known and cherished worldwide. This rich history is no longer at the forefront though when one thinks of Iraq.

Now Iraq is the land of the butchered and the deformed. The land of the infected and the cancerous. The land of shattered dreams and disintegrated lives. The land of the depraved and the degraded. The land of the raped and the insulted. The land of widows. The land of orphans. The land of sorrow. The land of despair. The land of the broken. But... Iraqis are still here. Iraqis are still here, and still fighting.

The murder of Iraq was designed and executed by the agents of international Zionism, the leaders of which reside in Israel, America, and Britain. Those who subscribe to another theory are dead wrong, and the facts confirm it. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that a strong, unified Iraq was a ‘red line’ for Israel, and he couldn’t be more correct. Like in the days of revolutionary leader Abdul Karim Qasim, who overthrew the British-installed dynasty, Iraq will be strong and unified again. Iraq will mend the pieces of its broken land. It will heal the wounded, and celebrate the lives of its martyrs. Iraq will rise again. And when it does, it will once again strike fear in the hearts of its Zionist enemies.

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-Moroccan Hebrew-Russian MC, poet, activist, and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download in Fall. He can be reached at


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BBC Correspondent says MOSSAD did 9/11

Why The Fourth Branch Of The US Government Needs To Be Abolished, And Why "Authority" Should Never Be Trusted

source: Tyler Durden

Yesterday we presented Dylan Grice's thoughts on why economists and their opinions should be summarily dismissed as nothing but mere noise on the steep downward slope of a series of failed "authoritarian" policy decisions, which seek to validate one false choice after another, by presenting a hypothetical and fallacious counter-outcome as a certain reality (just consider the "apocalypse" we would be living in if Goldman had failed: of course, there is no justification for this except for what Bernanke et al claim is the one true alternative reality based on nothing but their own conflicted interests), which does nothing but discredit the "science" of economics more and more with each passing day. Yet in the grand scheme of things economists are merely pawns in the hands of the landed elite: the financial system set only on perpetuating the status quo of capital and wealth reallocation from the lower classes onto itself (until there is eventually nothing left), and a government whose only prerogative is to usurp ever more control and authority, until the entire system is one of central planning in economics, social affairs, religion, and every aspect of people's daily lives, all the while pretending to operate under the guise of a democracy, which, at least in America, died long ago. Today, we present the observations of Bill Buckler from his Privateer report, which picks up where Grice left off and demonstrates why one must not only never rely on economists but on form of "authority" in general. Putting it all together is Buckler's close analysis at the glue that makes it all possible: the Federal Reserve, also known as the fourth branch of government, and the entity that provides the endless funding for all of the system's failed policies. As Buckler points out, any reversion to a system that follows the constitutional precepts of the founding fathers will need to do away with the Fed first and foremost, as "the issue is not the political will of the US government to go on spending beyond its means, it is the political will of the rest of the world to go on accepting the unworkable global system indefinitely. They will not do it." In other words, in the step leading up to the last and most important defection in the global prisoner's dilemma, it is up to the American people to take the necessary step to restore the systemic balance (which will happen regardless eventually, only in a far more violent fashion). Everything else that happens on a day to day basis is completely irrelevant.

From Bill Buckler's The Privateer report, Number 661.


On the evening of November 23, 1942, Adolf Hitler was deep in “consultation” with the chief of staff of the Luftwaffe (the German air force) on the possibility of supplying the surrounded German 6th army in Stalingrad by air. On hearing of this consultation, Reichsmarschall Goering, the head of the Luftwaffe, promptly contacted Hitler and assured him that the air force could maintain the 6th army for as long as necessary.

All of Goering’s officers on the spot near Stalingrad knew that this was absolutely impossible. So did Goering’s chief of staff. So did Goering. And so did Hitler. Goering had already been proven wrong a little over a year earlier when he insisted that his Luftwaffe could clear the way for an
invasion of Britain. That was not even considered. What WAS considered was that no matter how fanciful or how contradictory to the FACTS on the ground, a method had been found to prolong the illusion that the war could still be won. And besides, how would any of them know that it could not and would not work if they didn’t try it?

They did try it. It didn’t work. The fate of the 6th army in Stalingrad is history. So is the fate of the Nazi regime.

The March Of Folly:

The American historian Barbara Tuchman published a book with that title in 1984. She lists four kinds of what she calls “misgovernment”. There is misgovernment by tyranny or oppression, by excessive ambition, by incompetence or decadence or both, and finally by folly or perversity. The author concentrates on government policies afflicted by folly or perversity, a rich field of enquiry stretching back to the dawn of history. Mrs Tuchman makes the point that folly is “independent of era or locality, is timeless and universal ...and is unrelated to type of regime. Monarchy, oligarchy or democracy produce it equally.”

She has one further principle for the study of government folly. “...The policy in question should be that of a group, not an individual ruler, and should persist beyond any one political lifetime.” That brings us into the realm of political economy, more precisely the dogged clinging to the central role of government in the economy, and particularly in the financial system upon which the economy rests. That policy has been clung to for far more than a political lifetime. It has been clung to at the highest levels of government for almost a century.

The Fed’s March Of Folly:

This road has been taken ever since the Fed was created in 1913. Specifically, the “final frontier” was entered with the FOMC’s decision on August 10. It’s all downhill from there.

Politics and Economics:

The present global monetary system (on life support as it is) remains the one that was hammered out in Bretton Woods in 1944 with the US Dollar as the world’s SOLE reserve currency. As long as this remains the case, the follies of the US government will remain the most important in the world and the follies of their central bank - the Federal Reserve - will remain paramount. By Barbara Tuchman’s criteria, a folly worth examining must “persist beyond any one political lifetime”. In June this year, Senator Robert Byrd, the longest serving politician in US history, passed away at the age of 92. Senator Byrd entered the Congress in 1953. Bretton Woods was in 1944. The Fed was created in 1913.

The other point which needs to be made concerns what could be called the dynastic nature of the Fed. Mr Bernanke is the fourteenth Chairman since the creation of the Fed almost 97 years ago. That’s not many - over the same period there have been seventeen US Presidents. Here we get down to the divide between the political and the economic aspect of political governance.

The Politics Of It All:

There was a time when a president and his party could be and were voted out of office because the people preferred the policies offered by the opposition. That ended in the 1930s, when the “criteria” became which party could almost literally “buy” the majority of votes by directing the redistribution of funds where it would do them the most good. That became entrenched by the late 1960s. Since then, the “platforms” of the major contending parties have been all but indistinguishable. Most US elections have been decided either on the “lesser of two evils” principle or on disgust with the incumbents.

Both sides of US politics have been equally assiduous in their major task as they see it. That task is to safeguard and increase (as far as they are able) the involvement of government in as many aspects of the lives of the people as possible. That is why the euphemism for modern politicians, especially those in the US Congress, is “lawmakers”. It is only VERY recently that politicians from either party have given serious consideration to the problem of paying for it all or whether they CAN pay for it all. For most of the past century, they have not concerned themselves with that. That is what the Federal Reserve is for.

The Economics Of It All:

In essence, the Fed (like any central bank) is the “fourth arm of government”. The executive branch makes policy. The legislative branch translates it into legislation. The judicial branch is supposed to ensure that legislation is permissible under the Constitution - the law which GOVERNMENT must obey. Originally, the system was set up to ensure a division of power between the branches. A “government bank” or “central bank” was not deemed necessary because the powers of government were thought to be limited by the Constitution to the extent where “financing” these operations would not be necessary. They weren’t (except for the post Revolutionary and Civil War periods) for well over a century. But by the turn of the twentieth century, the US government, like so many governments before them, decided that their reach should extend beyond the borders of the nation they governed. This promised to be expensive.

The Fed was initially set up under the pretense that an institution was necessary to provide an “elastic currency” to meet the needs of business. An elastic currency was deemed necessary alright. But it wasn’t to meet the needs of business, it was to meet the needs of government. And that is what the Fed has been doing ever since. As the powers of government expanded and as the COST of government soared, the Fed was always there, the banker of last resort, the branch of government which would “pay” for whatever government chose to do. The government needs the Fed as a guaranteed buyer of its debt.

It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to EXAMINE the situation that the Fed is the fourth and specifically, the economic/financial branch of the US government. It should be equally obvious that this marriage of convenience has been progressively impoverishing the American people. Apparently, it isn’t.

When A Folly Comes Out Of The Closet:

For many decades, the “co-operation” between the US government with their Treasury requirements and the Fed has been taken for granted. Whole systems of “economics” (notably the one popularised by J.M. Keynes in the mid 1930s) have grown up around the practices of “financing” the ever increasing “needs” of government. The terms “inflation” and “deflation” have been moved from defining movements in the amount of money being created to movements in the prices influenced by this manipulation. A vast pile of books has been written and post-graduate university courses designed around the alleged difference between debt incurred by government and debt incurred by the dwindling “private sector”.

Through it all, the quality of the money has declined in lock step with the increase in the amount of money (of all descriptions) in circulation. There have been two defining moments in the entire process. The first came in 1933-34 when Americans were prohibited by law from owning Gold. The second came in 1971 when the final constraints on government fiscal discipline were removed as the final promise to redeem the US Dollar in Gold was jettisoned. On August 15, 1971, the folly came out of the closet. That lasted a decade, during which funded government debt rose by 150 percent. Then came a quarter century of “serial” debt bubbles which lasted until 2007. Over that period, government debt grew by 1000 percent. With the onset of the GFC in 2007 and the near death financial experience of 2008, the closet door opened again. And this time, in stark contrast to the end of the 1970s, it CANNOT be closed.

Shutting The Door On An Empty Room:

In the era of “stagflation” (the 1970s), there was actually an extensive debate about the nature of the money which was fuelling an obviously dysfunctional system. The main reason for this was that the concept of “risk” was still one which was current in investment markets. The steady increase of interest rates, which accelerated as the 1970s were coming to a close, was a contributing factor. So was the cost of living - which was accelerating along with interest rates. So was the “price” of Gold, which now had a “price” since it was no longer “fixed” to the US Dollar. As the 1970s ended, the price of Gold in US Dollars accelerated along with US interest rates. This was not and is not supposed to happen. High interest rates are said to be “bad” for Gold. They certainly weren’t in the last three years of the 1970s.

The door was slammed shut by Chairman Volcker in late 1979 when he took his hands off the Fed’s interest rate controlling mechanisms. US rates skyrocketed, “stagflation” turned into (deep) “recession”, Gold soared and then slumped. And, finally, the world was lured back into the paper US Dollar.

The US government had jettisoned the concept of “risk” as far as their borrowing “requirements” were concerned in the aftermath of the 1929 stock market crash. They did so just as the ensuing depression elevated risk aversion in the private US economy to a level it had never seen before and has not (yet) seen since. It took 50 years, the abandonment of Gold and an attempt to combine a welfare state with a war for the fear of “risk” to resurface - in the 1970s. It took interest rates which reflected that fear of risk in the MARKET to get it to subside. It did, in the early 1980s. Then came the era of serial credit “bubbles”.

Blowing The Door Off Its Hinges:

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), and particularly the “authorities’” reaction to it, has done more than just open the door again to the money machinations which are built into the foundation of modern government. It has laid that entire mechanism bare for anyone to see. But look at what has happened during most of the three decades since the beginning of the “Reagan Bull” in 1982. Twenty-five years of recurrent market booms anaesthetised an entire generation. In the process, the obvious truths that savings must precede investment and that wealth is not a function of the creation of money were buried beneath an avalanche of transfer payments and “bull” (in BOTH senses of the word) markets.

It is hard to awaken from such a long period under the influence of “authorities”. These things take time.

The Mechanism Itself:

To illustrate how pervasive the mechanism is and how it has long since been taken for granted, only one fact is necessary. Since 1931, there have been a grand total of SIX financial years when the funded debt of the US Treasury did not increase. These were fiscal 1947, 1948, 1951, 1956, 1957 and 1960. The US federal government has not run a budget surplus for 50 years. Under the original theory concocted by the “authorities” and elevated to economic holy writ by Mr Keynes, governments can compensate for any slowdown in the economy by spending more than they tax. Then, when the magic bullet of government “stimulus” has done its work, they can pull in their horns and diminish their debt. Governments “can” do that, but the US government hasn’t actually done it for 50 years. The Clinton “surpluses” of the late 1990s are a myth, of course, concocted by applying the “surplus” generated by social security funds to the government’s bottom line. There are no social security “funds”, the entire pile is composed of non-marketable Treasury IOUs which can only be serviced and/or repaid by the productive capacity of this and future generations.

For many years, we here at The Privateer (and many others) have been explaining the mechanism by which the production of real wealth has progressively been taken over by the production of “purchasing power”. The onset of the GFC exposed these mechanisms to public scrutiny to an extent not seen since the 1970s, or before that, the 1930s. The GFC itself, especially in nations (such as the US) where its impact has been most sorely felt, has greatly increased two things so far. One is the ever growing unease and indignation of the public. The other is the lengths to which the “authorities” will go to keep the REAL reasons for the present malaise away from pubic view and, above all, from public understanding.

Now What?:

The first answer to that question was given on August 10 when the FOMC announced that the Fed would NOT be shrinking its balance sheet as it has promised to do ever since it massively expanded it almost two years ago. On top of that, the FOMC let it be known that the Fed would resuscitate its quantitative easing QE) program of directly monetising Treasury debt.

On August 27, Ben Bernanke expanded on the Fed’s future plans at his Fed symposium speech at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mr Bernanke began by startling his listeners, telling them that the Fed would do “all that it can” to rekindle confidence in the “mechanism” (financial system). His listeners, both inside and outside the conference room, had long since assumed that there is nothing that the Fed can’t do. The Fed’s “omnipotence” is a foundation stone in the entire edifice of trust in the “authorities”. Nothing would rock this more than a revelation that there ARE things the Fed can’t do.

To stave this off, Mr Bernanke listed three things that the Fed can still do. It can buy “more” long-term securities. It can reduce the interest rate it charges on excess reserves to get the banks to lend them instead of storing them with the Fed. And finally, it can “modify the Committee’s (the FOMCs) communication”. Let’s take the first two. When the FOMC announced that the Fed WAS going to buy more long-term securities on August 10, they admitted that the first foray into QE hadn’t worked. When Mr Bernanke talked about reducing rates charged on Fed reserves, he neglected to mention that existing rates have been at 0.25 percent ever since the Lehman scare of 2008.

The third future task for the Fed , “modifying communication”, is one known by “authorities” in all ages and times. Today, when they speak about doing it themselves they call it “public relations” or, less politely, “spin”. When they speak about other authorities doing it, they call it “propaganda”, or more impolitely “disinformation” or still more impolitely “lies”.

The Fed’s real message was delivered on September 1 by departing White House chief economist Christina Romer. She said that the US needed to find the “political will” for more economic stimulus.

The Only “Solution” Left?:

For months now, Nobel prize winning economists, eminent educators, individuals in charge of $US TRILLIONS of investment “capital”, and political “authorities” of all sizes, shapes and descriptions have been unanimous in one message. The “system” can be fixed easily. We have discovered that we didn’t print enough money. No problem. Just print more, preferably MUCH more!

Here’s how Christina Romer put it during her speech to the National Press Club: “The only sure-fire ways for policymakers to substantially increase aggregate demand in the short run are for the government to spend more and tax less. ...I desperately hope that policymakers on both sides of the aisle will find a way to finish the job of economic recovery”.

Ms Romer, one of the chief architects of President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, has resigned her position as the chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, effective on September 3. Once an “authority”, always an “authority” - she is returning to “academe” by returning to her old job as an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley. While she was there, she was engaged in research on fiscal and monetary policy from the 1930s to the present. Mr Bernanke would approve.

The Political Will:

Yahoo in the US described the speech as a plea that the US find the “political will” for further stimulus. This is in itself very revealing indeed, especially given Ms Romer’s contention that the only way to “fix” the problem is for the US to “spend more and tax less”. Politically, this has been the only solution resorted to in the US for at least half a century. What is never mentioned by all those who so glibly push this solution to the problem is the reason why the US has been able to get away with it for so long.

To do so would risk moving the debate to the area where the “authorities” dare not go. That is the area of the nature of the global financial system and, even more fundamentally, the nature of the “money” which underpins it. When a government spends more and taxes less, they go ever more heavily into debt. For a “normal” government, this process can only continue until the obvious risk factor shows up in the interest rates they have to pay on their borrowings. At that point, they have no choice but to pull in their horns.

The US government is different because the US Dollar is the world’s reserve. Because it is the world’s reserve, it has a global demand as the underpinning for financial systems everywhere. Yes, it is true that non US central banks are holding increasing amounts of other currencies in their reserves. But the basic system as hammered out at Bretton Woods in 1944 has NOT been altered. The US Dollar remains the world’s only official reserve currency. That means that the US is the only country that can buy goods with debt paper created by their Treasury and payable in “money” created by their central bank.

You have likely read this before - in The Privateer and in many other places. No matter how many times it is repeated, this remains the most important FACT which is never discussed by “authorities”. The issue is not the political will of the US government to go on spending beyond its means, it is the political will of the rest of the world to go on accepting the unworkable global system indefinitely. They will not do it.

A Vested Interest In AUTHORITY:

From time immemorial, the “authorities” in charge of political and economic policy in a nation have clung to “remedies” that would not work - even though they KNEW they would not work. We started this essay with one example. There are countless more. Once you understand this, you will know that “authority” is NEVER to be trusted, no matter how many adhere to it or how long it seems to have “worked”. The only viable alternative to more authority is LESS authority, and therefore more freedom.

Today, no “authority” in the world wants to discuss that. Least of all the ones in the USA.


source: SARTRE...

If you are what you eat, we are all in deep trouble. What constitutes healthy food is a debate that can encompass different viewpoints. In spite of this, control of the food chain is a concern that crosses all ideological perspectives. The most essential of all human rights is the effective ability of access and ingestion of nutrients that are necessary to sustain life. Forced feeding of toxicants, as the only foodstuff available to the masses, is a true crime against humanity. Withholding safe food from the public allows for the gluttony of elites. These masters of the universe immunize themselves by hording nontoxic provisions as they ride a black horse. The Apocalypse of a food crisis is not an accident. The GMO designer cuisine is meant to supply a poisonous menu, until the final collective culling of the herd, is ready for the planet.

Some background on the nature of our current food system is useful. View two separate videos by the same title Food, Inc and Food, Inc.

Genetically Modified Organisms are really a brave new world. The practice of patenting laboratory biological genetics provides sustenance for the horror of a Frankenstein village. Rady Ananda warns, "In the US, GMOs were secretly foisted on the public in the mid-1990s, and only now is the US Supreme Court addressing the scourge. In June, the high court upheld partial deregulation of GM alfalfa, which permits limited planting while the USDA prepares an Environmental Impact Statement. Natural and organic alfalfa supply is threatened by the very real potential of GM contamination. This would destroy the organic meat and dairy industry".

Why should folks care about organic agriculture when we live in an age of chemical wonders? The Glyphosate ingredient in Roundup is a miracle remedy for those nasty weeds. So what’s the big deal? F. William Engdahl thinks there is a sinister link to the magic seeds in his book,

"Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, GMO crops and patented seeds were developed in the 1970’s with significant financial support from the pro-eugenics Rockefeller Foundation, by what were essentially chemical companies—Monsanto Chemicals, DuPont and Dow Chemicals. All three were involved in the scandal of the highly toxic Agent Orange used in Vietnam, as well as Dioxin in the 1970’s, and lied to cover up the true damage to its own employees as well as to civilian and military populations exposed.

Their patented GMO seeds were seen as a clever way to force increased purchase of their agricultural chemicals such as Roundup. Farmers must sign a legal contract with Monsanto in which it stipulates that only Monsanto Roundup pesticide may be used. Farmers are thus trapped both in buying new seeds from Monsanto each harvest and buying the toxic glyphosate".

Neil Foster in GM ‘Foods’ Now Legal, goes much further.

"The likes of Monsanto can well afford to take on any government in a legal challenge because they have more than enough resources to do so whereas governments, particularly in the current and what will be increasingly dire financial circumstances, will have no possibility of stopping these masters of genocide getting their evil ways.

Let’s be clear here, GM foods modify YOU! They have been PROVEN to cause numerous non-fatal and FATAL diseases including various forms of CANCER and of course the favourite effect on human beings of these perpetrators of eugenics – STERILITY!

I doubt people reading this are aware of the FACT that even the staff at Monsanto’s own factories refuse to eat their own products. It is also a fact that the British Parliament, The US Congress, The German Parliament and I’m sure the EU Parliament and others DO NOT eat this garbage."

WOW, this begins to look like these captivating seeds are meant for certain groups, while the elites take great pains to protect their own digestive systems. If one was a conspiracy nut, you might think there is an "end of the world" plan aimed at the marginal consuming feeders that pollute the atmosphere with their excess CO2 discharges. It sure is reassuring that preparations are under way to harbor a renewal kick-start if these GMO seeds mutate into neuter germination mode. The cold storage hibernation of a "Doomsday Seed Vault" must be the insurance that protects any good farmer who plows their back forty.

"In Svalbard, the future world’s most secure seed repository will be guarded by the policemen of the GMO Green Revolution--the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, Syngenta, DuPont and CGIAR. Plant breeders and researchers are the major users of gene banks. Today’s largest plant breeders are Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and Dow Chemical, the global plant-patenting GMO giants. Since early in 2007 Monsanto holds world patent rights together with the United States Government for plant so-called ‘Terminator’ or Genetic Use Restriction Technology (GURT). Terminator is an ominous technology by which a patented commercial seed commits ‘suicide’ after one harvest. Control by private seed companies is total".

Don’t worry, food is cheap and only the most backward starve in a world of plenty. Don’t give it a second thought, "suicide seeds" can be hedged with a Goldman Sachs derivative. Have faith, science will keep the food wagon rolling with genetic modification and nanotechnology. "Artificial meat grown in vats may be needed if the 9 billion people expected to be alive in 2050 are to be adequately fed without destroying the earth, some of the world's leading scientists report today". See, seeds are not necessary when you can grow Filet Mignon in a test tube.

If you still have doubts, these two YouTube’s will charm your pallet and calm your stomach - Monsanto The Genetic Conspiracy and FoodWars Police Raid Organic Foods NWO Mafia Codex Alimentarius Depopulation Agenda Transdehumanism.

Looks like folks need to clear off their "green thumbs" and start their own victory gardens. In the global gulag, common sense solutions usually meet with preemptive resistance. You can depend on the overseers to interject a government paradigm to keep their hand in the corporate agriculture friendly environment. The summary of S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, ensures that a factory "Animal Farm" is on the horizon for your local area.

Food Freedom warns about the consequences from this bill.

1. It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency.

2. It would end US sovereignty over its own food supply by insisting on compliance with the WTO, thus threatening national security.

3. It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.”

4. It imposes Codex Alimentarius on the US, a global system of control over food.

5. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security.

6. It includes NAIS, an animal traceability program that threatens all small farmers and ranchers raising animals.

7. It extends a failed and destructive HACCP to all food, thus threatening to do to all local food production and farming what HACCP did to meat production – put it in corporate hands and worsen food safety.

8. It deconstructs what is left of the American economy.

9. It would allow the government to mandate antibiotics, hormones, slaughterhouse waste, pesticides and GMOs.

10. It uses food crimes as the entry into police state power and control.

The final conclusion: “It removes fundamental constitutional protections from all citizens in the country, making them subject to a corporate tribunal with unlimited power and penalties, and without judicial review”.

Who benefits from such legislation? How can this kind of government intrusion advance and protect a reliable and safe food supply?

The answer to the first question is obvious. Natural Solutions Foundation provides the argument. "The Uber-Cartel, Big Pharma, Big Agribiz, Big Chema, Big Biotech and Big Medica, which are all the same industry, at base, is planning to take away the right of speech questioning or criticizing GMO food in India, just as the FDA has tried so hard to take away our right to know what food and food components can do for us, gagging free speech. What happens in one country will be globalized rapidly. Devious and dangerous laws and regulations are typically enacted in a vulnerable country, then quickly globalized rapidly to "HARMonize" through the WTO, WHO, UN and other unelected non-representational bodies whose policies are set by the Uber-Cartel, not by us".

The second query is even clearer. S. 510 will destroy farming, our most basic of all endeavors. Begging government for crumbs is your future unless you defy such a blatant attack on your human right to feed yourself. Isn’t this the ultimate non-partisan united undertaking imaginable? Only a crazed elite committed to killing off the masses could defend a GMO malnourishment system.

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C2C Debate: Architect vs. Physicist - 3 Million Radio Listeners Decide for Themselves

source: Eli Rika...

The debate over what caused the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, has been held in many forums, but for the first time, the explosive conversation made its way onto one of America’s most popular radio shows. On the August 21 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM, host Ian Punnett moderated what can be best described as a “tag team” debate, which pitted architect Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and chemist Dr. Niels Harrit, against physicist Dave Thomas, president of New Mexicans for Science and Reason, and industrial physicist Kim Johnson. By the end of this grueling 4-hour duel, each of the three million listeners received enough information and resources to decide for themselves. The feedback we received here at HQ is that they really understood the argument for explosive controlled demolition. We also heard that our online follow-along videos at were quite helpful. This debate clearly demonstrated that you have to “see” the evidence for yourself.

This wasn’t the first time that Gage and Thomas faced off. Thomas gave a rebuttal to Gage’s presentation at New Mexico Tech on October 24, 2009. Unfortunately, but expectedly, this resorted to rhetoric about conspiracy theories to distract the audience. This time around, Thomas expanded his repertoire in his attempt to obscure the truth.

The use of false analogies in defense of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory is common, and this debate was no exception. In the opening statement by Thomas, he presented the “pile driver theory” by comparing the collapse of the Twin Towers to a bowler’s worst nightmare. “If you take a bowling ball and put it on your toe, that’s ok,” he stated, “but if you drop it from 12 feet, you’re going to break your toe, and that’s just what happened to those buildings.” Gage was quick to highlight one of the many problems with that comparison. “That pile driver is being destroyed in the first four seconds,” said Gage. “There is nothing to push the rest of the building below the point of jet plane impacts down to the ground.” Gage also noted after the debate that the bowling ball not only doesn’t get a “running start” (i.e. 12’ of drop), but that it slows down as it meets the resistance of the unfortunate foot below it. In contrast, The Twin Towers speeded up at the alleged “point of impact.”

Despite his background as a physicist, Thomas appeared to be confused about the basics of Newtonian physics. He correctly stated that the Twin Towers fell at two-thirds of free-fall acceleration, but repeatedly described the destruction of these skyscrapers as a series of “free fall collisions,” as if the core columns and perimeter walls gave no resistance. He went on to say that these accelerations were at least 30 times the acceleration of gravity -- a declaration that, if true, would invalidate the last 300 years of scientific analysis.

There seemed to be a glimmer of accuracy from Thomas on the topic of explosive residue in the WTC dust, but those hopes were quickly dashed. He described witnessing a thermite experiment in which the chemical reaction “spits out all kinds of little spheres,” but argued that “the iron microspheres were just ordinary iron particles that can come about as the result of the fires burning all that stuff and computers” – not accounting at all for the minimum 2,800° F temperature required to melt iron, or recognizing the microspheres were ubiquitous in the WTC dust, representing 6% by volume.

Thomas also correctly stipulated, “What you want for thermite is… big puddles of iron that was melted.” However, even though Gage documented the numerous reports of “pools of molten metal” discovered at Ground Zero, Thomas failed to connect the dots to controlled demolition, and stood by NIST’s claim that no molten metal was found.

In a departure from previous debate opponents, Thomas acknowledged that WTC Building 7 came down at free-fall acceleration for two and a half seconds. He explained that this was because one column caused a massive internal failure, so that “the stuff that would have normally been resisted would have already collapsed.” Fortunately, Gage pointed out that one column failure cannot lead to a free-fall event. “What’s remaining,” said Gage, “is 50 very strong perimeter columns, all of which would have to have been cut within 1/10 of a second of each other in order to allow free fall acceleration.”

One of the most interesting exchanges came when Dr. Neils Harrit and Kim Johnson were brought into the debate. Both Johnson and moderator Ian Punnett surmised that the damage to Building 7 caused by the debris from the Twin Towers contributed to its destruction, but Dr. Harrit corrected them. “You are both in violation of the NIST report,” he said. “According to the report from National Institute for Standards and Technology, Building 7 did not come down due to structural damage [from the North Tower].” Johnson’s response? “So be it.”

In the call-in segment of the broadcast, virtually all of the callers expressed skepticism about the official account of the destruction of these 3 skyscrapers. In fact, the only party who seemed to be oblivious to the facts was Punnett himself. While he strived for fairness at times, it was clear that he, like many, had some trouble understanding basic scientific principles. Instead, he preferred to ask Gage and Dr. Harrit deviating questions, such as who flew the airplanes, who planted the explosives and how many explosives were used, and who was behind all this. Gage reiterated several times that the architects and engineers who have signed the AE911Truth Petition, now numbering 1270, do not speculate about these important questions. A real investigation with subpoena power would answer them. “Will you support an investigation?” Gage asked. Neither Thomas nor Punnett were willing to heed the call.

Even though Dave Thomas and Kim Johnson were clearly outmatched by the forensic evidence and logical explanations presented by Gage and Dr. Harrit, a determination of who won or lost this debate is not as important as the understanding gained by the listeners as the various issues were clarified, and objective information was brought to bear. Our objective in these live discussions is actually to present as much factual information as possible, point the public to online resources where they can learn more, and create a wider awareness of the controlled demolitions that occurred on 9/11. So in a sense, AE911Truth wins every debate just by showing up, and the official conspiracy theory defenders lose even before they put their foot in their mouths. Join us in our next “virtual” debate, with one dozen OCT supporters beamed on the screen, raising debunking arguments they have raised in the past, all taking place in Washington DC at the National Press Club, at 2 p.m. EDT on September 9th. If you can’t be with us in Washington, it will be live streamed on our website. Either way you view us, we’ll see you there.

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Jewish Militia in America: ADL says "It's OK, They're One of Us."

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Raised on the holocaust narrative and the inundation of media fear mongering towards Muslims, young American jews who 'say' they are fearful of their own communities are forming militia training groups. Just exercising their 2nd amendment rights as all patriotic Americans should they proclaim.

I checked the ADL "militia movement" page to see if these jewish groups are listed but it looks as though they're not. SPLC ... ditto. Probably the FBI and ATF haven't infiltrated them yet and Abe and his teammates are waiting for more information. Are the Uzi's they have fully automatic?

Unless these guys, some former IDF employees, begin to bulldoze their surrounding communities and drive out the locals to build their own settlements, I doubt if they're in any danger. Maybe if they're bankers ... then some might say that in the long run all bets are off.

Steven Erickson had this to say about these jewish 'terrorist' training camps:

An average American is more likely to be terrorized, beaten, raped, robbed, killed, etc by thugs employed by the US Government paid for with drug running, and US taxpayer dollars, than to be accosted, kidnapped, or killed by terrorists. It is a US citizen right to start, or belong to, a militia. But, if the Jewish Militia is foreign funded, collects intelligence for a foreign power, conducts covert intelligence and espionage missions, and conducts hit and run military guerrilla operations for a foreign power, that is another story. I don't know what to make of the below, but think these individuals need to be watched more than any made up CIA funded/organized terrorists such as Al Qaeda.

The meme of jews as perpetual 'victims' never ends does it?

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source: Gordon Duff...

Today, 43 Pakistanis were killed in a terror attack, killed for supporting Palestinians in Gaza. The signs had been there, the Wikileaks attempt to put responsibility for the Taliban on Veterans Today editor General Hamid Gul. This was debunked in a heartbeat. This attack was vicious and clearly the work of Israel. This was a terror attack meant as a message to the people of the world telling them that if they rally in support of those imprisoned in Gaza, they will be murdered.

This is far from the first time Israel has been caught. The PKK, the Kurdish terrorist group, communists, who have been attacking Turkey from their mountain “caves” in Iraq for over 40 years have long been trained, funded and even recruited by Israel’s Mossad. Now the partnership between India and Israel, helped along, not only by the CIA, the Kazrai brothers “corporation” and MI -6 is becoming difficult to ignore.

With continual terror attacks a daily part of life in Pakistan, several in Lahore this week, there is no ignoring the real culprits. Nearly every contracting firm the United States uses in, not only Afghanistan but Pakistan as well, is filled to the brim with Israeli operatives. Working with them is the massive CIA assisted drug cartel and its worldwide network of private airlines for shipping heroin and cash and a dozen nations that take part.

All of this is only window dressing for the real show. In 2003, Israel got America to destroy Iraq, well, and itself also. The war in Afghanistan is destroying, not only that country but Pakistan as well. Israel will not allow an Islamic nuclear power to threaten their control over Asia. The real target has always been control of the Suez Canal and the real prize, India. What appears to America to be an economic powerhouse is a deeply divided and trouble nation beset by enemies and ready to be turned into a surrogate military power and then stripped to the bones.

This is what happened to the United States.

Pakistan is important. For years, the “CIA” and other intelligence organizations have been in Baluchistan sneaking in and out of Iran blowing things up. How much of that is CIA and how much is Mossad, nobody knows for sure. This is another terrorist organization, called the “Jundallah.” Like the PKK in Turkey and the Tehrik-i-Taliban, the terrorist group making life in Pakistan a living hell, the Jundallah get all the money, weapons, training, transportation and maybe more, much more, they need to fight covert wars against the targets of Tel Aviv.

For Americans, the real question, if Israel is funding terrorist organizations attacking, not only Iran but America’s NATO partner Turkey and longtime ally Pakistan, facts long in evidence everywhere but in the American press, are there also terrorist attacks against American forces and America itself being planned? Have any been carried out and if so, how many?

Does Israel gain when America marches to war against her perceived enemies? Is it a long declared policy to do anything necessary, not actually to enhance Israel’s survival, never really in question at all, not really ever actually, but their dominance?

What was obvious today is that the terror attack in Pakistan had nothing to do with Taliban of any kind. It had only one goal, to punish the people of Pakistan, ethnic Pushtu’s, not the ruling Punjabi’s, for supporting the Palestinian cause and supporting a two-state solution during the current peace initiative sponsored by President Obama. We know Israel goes after anyone who stands up for Palestine but killing dozens of civilians at a rally in Quetta, Baluchistan is an escalation, even for Israel.

No, this isn’t an escalation in violence, it isn’t even close to the biggest body count Israel has run up.

Perhaps the worst part of it is that nobody will say a word about this. Pakistan is broke, even by American standards. They survive off American foreign aid, money they continue to receive as long as they never say a word about Israel of publicly attribute the wave of terrorism they have been subjected to where the real blame belongs. I have seen the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the current Director General of the ISI, hint at Osama bin Laden being dead. I have interviewed him about it personally.

I was sworn to keep the discussion private and confidential. I will keep my word.

Pakistan is being held hostage. Mrs. Clinton continually chastises them about failing to find long dead Osama bin Laden, the imaginary planner of 9/11. Former ISI Director General Hamid Gul, now retired and known for his outspoken honesty, places the blame for 9/11 exactly where it belongs, where he placed on the day it happened. With the Israeli lobby in control of Washington and Washington’s money in control of Pakistan, this won’t be the last terror attack.

The next time anyone anywhere tries to aid Palestinians or to get the truth about Israel’s apartheid policies and ethnic cleansing past the corporte controlled press, expect another suicide bombing. Look at the way the press handled Israeli murder and piracy with the Freedom Flotilla? Less than 5% of Americans know that Israel was caught back in 1967 knowingly attacking an American ship, the USS Liberty. It wasn’t the first Israeli terror attack on Americans and there have been dozens since. You will never read a word about them.

With another 9/11 anniversary coming up, Palestine peace talks going on and Israel doing everthing in its power to force America to attack Iran, security forces throughout the United States are on high alert for Islamic terrorists.

Everyone ‘in the know” understand that the warning is really for Israeli terrorists. Will the United States Air Force be there if needed, unlike during 9/11? Will terrorists all show up with fresh student visas courtesty of the State Department like during 9/11?

Are we past the time when America is willing to look the other way when a thousand strange coincidences bring about that “perfect storm,” exactly when and where needed, a “storm” to eclipse 9/11 in horror, enough to send a war weary people, long lied to, no longer trusting their government, down the road to war for Israel again?

Four dead Israelis in Hebron was a clue. The 43 dead in Quetta is another. The imaginary Amsterdam hijackers were meant to be one also. More will come with each day, more clues, more planted news stories, more staging, more preparing the minds to expect what so many of us know is coming.

Who do you think recruits terror cells? Who has been doing it forever? Who can travel freely, use passports of any nation and has endless money? You think there really is an Al Qaeda?

Why does everything Al Quade do only help Israel?

Is Al Qaeda another Mossad front?

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups. Gordon Duff’s articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is a regularly on radio and tv. Gordon is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker as well.

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Alex Jones allows ABC's Nightline to negatively portray the truth movement as "Paranoia Porn"

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It's said that there's no bad publicity and that may be true for AJ and his followers but for those others trying to sanely educate their friends and neighbors to the 'conspiracies' of the world that are destroying us, being portrayed as whacked out nuts doesn't help.

I doubt that Nightline would do a show with someone calm and collected such as Dr. David Ray Griffin on the subject of 9/11. That might give credibility to the movement and the media doesn't want that.

Jones knew that inviting the MSM to do a nationally televised feature on him would result in a hit piece.

Why did he go ahead and do it?

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How The Jews Took The White House

IF OBAMA EVER CROSSES THE JEWS, an army of Jewish publishers, journalists and lobbyists will destroy him instantly.

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

The Jews know of Obama’s alleged homosexual activities and his presidential ineligibility due to his birth in Kenya. In other words, the Jews who own America’s mainstream media, could ruin Obama in a minute.

Thus, the Jewish banking elite who work closely with their synagogue buddies at ABC, NBC, and CBS, have decided FOR Obama those whom he appoints as his key advisers and those whom he confirms as heads of the institutions connected with the White House.

A key component of Obama’s rise to power is rooted in Chicago, the Jewish breeding ground of Obama’s political career. A prime Jewish patron of Obama’s political ambitions was and remains, Abner Mikva, former Chicago Congressman, Federal judge and White House counsel to Bill Clinton.

Mikva is one of many influential Chicago Jews who have been among Obama’s earliest and most ardent backers. Through their large financial contributions and influence peddling, Obama’s Chicago enablers insured for themselves both a place in his administration and political leverage serving Jewish interests. These include the following, all of whom, are inter-connected:

-1- Bettylu Klutznik Saltzman, whose father, Phillip Klutznik (d 1999), served as President of B’nai B’rith -2- Rahm Emanuel, former partner in Chicago’s branch of Wasserstein Investments, currently White House Chief of Staff -3- Penny Pritzker, heiress to the Chicago-based Hyatt Hotel fortunes, now member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board -4- Lester Crown, Chairman of Chicago’s Crown Investments, -5- Valerie Jarrett, former Chairman of the Chicago Stock Exchange, currently Obama’s Senior Adviser for Intergovernmental Affairs -6- David Axelrod, founder of Axelrod & Associates which ran Obama’s senate and presidential campaigns, now Special Adviser to Obama.

As listed in the publication, The Barack Book, Jews have played and continue to play a key role in propping up Obama as a puppet for Jewish interests. Also listed in The Barack Book as amongst Obama’s Chicago ‘friends’ is The Joyce Foundation, a Gentile-sounding foundation, but is actually a Jewish organization that lobbies for gun confiscation of Gentiles, funded by the Jewish billionaire, George Soros.

Noted for his takeover of the Democratic party, Soros was the major financial contributor of Obama’s presidential campaign through his huge network of PACs and civic groups.


THERE ARE PRESENTLY 3 JEWS who have infiltrated the Obama administration, and for all practical and Jewish purposes, run the White House: George Soros, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

Born in Budapest in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz, when young Schwartz enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1947, he changed his surname to Soros so as to pass himself off as a Gentile. In 1956 Soros settled in NYC where he built his multi-billionaire hedge fund called the Quantum Fund.

Exposed as Obama’s “money man,” Soros’s involvement with Obama’s political career began in 2005 with Soros fundraising for Obama’s campaign for US Senate and continued through the 2007 Presidential campaign launch with huge fundraising operations. Soros has got his bought-and-paid-for White House stooge through whom he can operate.

As a Jewish manipulator par excellence of markets, political scenarios, and economic conditions, (Soros boasts, “I’m having a very good crisis!” with regard to his windfall profits in America’s current economic crisis), Soros is at the top of the food chain of Obama’s economic duo - Summers and Geithner - both totally under Soros’ thumb.


SOON AFTER FOX NEWS exposed Obama as a liar in his promise for “transparency” due to his denying access to the White House Visitor List, Obama was forced against his will to release a partial list of visitors which shows Soros visiting Summers no less than 4 times. Zionist Jew, Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman of Goldman Sachs, also met both with Summers and Obama. Rev Wright & Bill Ayers were among Obama’s ’secret’ guests.

Why did Soros visit Summers, Obama’s chief economic adviser, 4 times? Let’s back up a bit. Summers was forced out of his job as President of Harvard in 2006 on the pretext of his uttering ’sexist’ remarks. Out of a job and his reputation sullied, Soros, (who began courting Summers in 1991 to assist in his looting of Russia), came to Summers’ rescue.

Through his connections to the hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co, vis a vis his interlacing investments, Soros arranged for Summers to land a token high-salaried job with D.E. Shaw in 2006 through 2008 as an “investment strategy adviser.”

After granting Summers a day in the sun for a year, Soros began bringing Summers along with him to the Davos World Economic Conference and various other economic summits throughout 2008. Obviously, Soros was preparing the American public for a Soros lackey in the White House, which Soros knew he would soon own through his puppet presidential candidate, Obama. Now Summers marches to the beat of his master.

Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the Treasury. Geithner was a close aide of Summers in his stint as Treasury Secretary during the Clinton administration where Summers addressed his protege as “young Tim.”

Just prior to his term as President of the NY Federal Reserve from 2003-2008, Geithner had failed to pay at least $34,000 in taxes. Soon after Obama nominated Geithner for Treasury, he was exposed as a tax cheat, yet the Jew-bought Congress still confirmed him.

With the economy in crisis due to Jewish Wall Street finaglers, Geithner went to work to protect his synagogue buddies by appointing as his closest Treasury aides, (none of whom faced Senate confirmation), the Jewish criminals who got us into the crisis to begin with.

The Jewish bankster aides appointed by Geithner include Gene Sperling, who last year took in $887,727 from Goldman Sachs and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies, including the firm run by accused Ponzi scheme mastermind R. Allen Stanford. Another top aide, Lee Sachs, reported more than $3 million in partnership income from Mariner Investment Group, a Wall Street hedge fund.

As his chief-of-staff, Geithner chose the Goldman Sachs lobbyist, Mark Patterson, contrary to Obama’s promise (he’s a liar) that the White House would be off limits to lobbyists.

As past president of the NY Federal Reserve, which “maintains the nation’s payment systems,” Geithner knows where the trillions of Bail-out TARP dollars, (which Bernanke refuses to reveal), went. Geithner knows where the bodies are buried and that’s why he was appointed and has hired Wall Street shysters as his closest aides to PROTECT the GUILTY….Jews, that is, Wall Street bankster Jews….