Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Nuke Treaty and the Coming World War

The United States of America is preparing for war. This new Treaty proves it. We are preparing for war by capitulating our last strategic advantage to the Russians and Chinese. That would be nuclear missiles. Even worse, we are allowing our future enemies access to onsite inspections. We might as well email them the schematics and locations of our missiles. Just in case they want to launch a first strike against them.

"The new START treaty applies to one category of nuclear weapons — those designed to strike from long distances. For the U.S., that means warheads fitted on intercontinental-range missiles aboard Trident submarines, those fitted on similar missiles stationed in underground launch silos in the Midwest and those carried by two types of bombers: the B-2 and the B-52. The Russian strategic force is weighted more toward land-based weapons than is the U.S. force." (source)

The United States has about 72,715,332 males that could potentially qualify for military service. Of that number, only 59,413,358 are considered fit enough to serve. Currently, an estimated 1,473,900 are on active duty and 1,458,500 are in the Reserves. (source)

China, on the other hand, has about 7,024,000 in the military and para-military. Russia has 3,796,100. Combined, they outnumber us 10-1. We learned in Korea and Vietnam that we cannot defeat China and Russia through purely conventional means. This is why we maintained the edge we now have with Nuclear weapons. The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) was the only reason the "Cold War" never turned into a "Hot War". Nukes are a deterrant to war.

The problem we have today is that our illustrious Bankers and Politicians have sold our country and its allies into the hands of our enemies in order to bring about their "New World Order". The United States, according to various Illuminati sources, will not be the leading the parade. Neither will Western Europe. The trillions of dollars of debt and derivatives sold to America's enemies will ensure that doesn't happen.

They now own us, and dictate our foreign and domestic policies. This is what happens when you go from the world's largest Creditor Nation to the World's largest Debtor Nation.

Remember, the Senate has to approve all treaties, including this one. There is still time to have contact your Senator and tell him or her that you view this Treaty as another act of Treason against America's best interests. Contact Your Senator HERE

If you live in the country of one of our allies, you should also write them and let them know how you feel. The Russians and Chinese know that we cannot beat them in a conventional war. I believe that they have made this near impossible by spreading our already paper-thin military on numerous "peacekeeping" missions around the globe. Fighting for foreign oil, and control of the narcotics trade, for the benefit of the Illuminazis is truly a "devil's bargain". In the end we have ended up even more exposed to our enemies.

I now quote from a prophecy allegedly made by George Albert Smith in 1946 (right after WW2):

"Then (LDS) President George Albert Smith said, "I have had a troublesome vision of another great and terrible war that made the war just ended look like a training exercise, and people died like flies. It began at a time when the Soviet Union's military might dwarfed that of the United States, and we, that is the United States, would have missiles that carried an atomic bomb in Europe. I saw the United States, withdraw its missiles to appease the Soviet Union, and then the war began."

He also said that we would have big missiles in deep holes he described like grain silos which the Soviets would try to destroy by their own missiles. They would hit military installations and certain cities also... He continued that the U.S. would be bound by numerous entangling alliances and would take away weapons owned by the people. He talked some about the initial attack and the ground warfare, but I can't remember enough to document all their tactics and in which countries various things occurred. One tactic, especially in Europe, was to transport thousands of tanks in big trucks like semi trailers on the super highways to have them located where they wanted them when the war was to begin... Then he said, "The aftermath was dreadful. Think of the worst, most difficult times of the depression." ...That worst time of the depression will seem like a Sunday School picnic when compared with how conditions will be after that great war."


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  1. Wars are designed. There will be some big wars in the near future and these will become WW3. Amerika needs this war, but so does India and China..Russia is also in on the game. As well as a more visible world government, they want to slash the global population.

    Globalisation has ended...BY DESIGN...the financial collapse was a NWO construct, so if globalisation has ended, for now, then the useless eaters are not required and the Indian and Chinese elites are in on the war[s] and human cull.


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