Thursday, July 15, 2010

Half The Jews

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Here's a news story that would make any decent person want to vomit. Young girls, 19 to 20 years of age, sitting at monitors ready to slaughter other God-made human beings. The Israeli army refuses to release a kill-count but Israeli media say several dozen Palestinians have been killed by these young girls.

What kind of brainwashing does a teenager, a future mother, have to undergo in order to participate in such degeneracy?

Is this the future for us all? Must we admit (there is no shortage of evidence) that there are no depths to which 'ordinary people' will not sink with just a little encouragement? Must we expect now that the quality of our futures will be determined by powers that develop scientific killing systems like this and that these systems will be operated by the girl-next-door?

When we are told by politicians that these weapons are being used to protect us, will we believe them?

The average person wants none of this, I'm sure. The average person looks on in horror.....don't we?......dumbfounded at where we seem to be going and what we have become. He or she listens to the politicians and the media and, out of habit, tends to believe them.
Then he or she will come across people who think quite differently and reject all political voices in the mainstream arena. They will listen to such a nay-sayer and, initially, think they are hearing a mad revolutionary.


The 'revolutionaries' are the ones in control of our world. The revolutionaries are our real government.

They are revolutionaries against God and against natural order.

They are led by an international elite that rarely show their faces. The world has been stood on its head. Their revolution is nearly complete.

To oppose established power is to be a counter-revolutionary; the counter-revolutionary works to return to truth and to return society to universal Godly principles.

If the question is asked, " Why must we oppose the globalists"? The answer is simple.

Because they are a force for evil and are prepared to destroy everything we hold dear to grab total power. When (if) they actually achieve it, the situation will deteriorate from very bad to much worse (see Albert Pike below).

Michael E. Jones and others have expounded on this issue at great length.

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