Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Editorial poorrichards-blog.blogspot.com

Yup..   Dumb us down with an educational system that doesn't teach anything but Obey.    Yep..  Dumb us down with chemicals in our water, foods, and vaccines that dull our minds..

Yes..   Lets put mercury in our teeth so that we can't think of a way to destroy the slow motion development of a Global Tyranny of an unimaginable scale..

Yes..   Let's say prayers for the billions of people they plan to kill.

A Tyranny will be formed where there are only 144,000 free persons on Earth, and 356,000 slaves to serve 'Them'.. The slaves will be genetically modified according to their slave/jobs in this New World Society.

And who are "Them"?.. They are the extraterrestrials who have been communicating with the Rothschilds for the last three hundred plus years..

Our earth is being Terra Formed by the NWO, for the benefit of an alien race of beings who have made a deal with the Global Banking Dynasty centuries ago.. (That's what this Global Warming Crap  is about.)

Every government worker, every person who buys anything from a corporation is contributing to the end of the earth as humans know it.. Without the corporate structure the world would be much better off.. and out of the claws of the alien influenced traitors of all mankind.


Now these alien spirits,  through their human traitors are trying to convince us to unite together against a fleet of flying saucers.. To create a United NWO to face the menace of the Aliens..as in TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER.. (All the MSM news articles about flying saucers?)


The real aliens are the ones who direct the Askanazi  bloodlines of  Rothschilds to do their bidding through their occult seances.. The aliens chose the Askanazis because they are the meanest most vicious race of humankind..

These aliens want to kill the bloodline of the Prophets.. That is the bloodline of Christ.. That bloodline is now the Palestinians and the Arabs..

The bloodline of the true Semites can channel/communicate with an infinitely higher form of  extraterrestrial being.

That is why The United States is at war with the true Semites. That's why America is so mean, and so evil... Because we have been taken over by the minions of  the inhuman monsters.. Organizations like the Democratic and Republican parties, Like the CFR, and AIPAC,  WHO, IMF and the UN.

The FBI, CIA,  MI6,  ISI,  and RAW are some of their murderous blood stained tentacles.  

The only way to fight this is to have all of mankind to not buy or sell to any corporation..
If all humans on earth did that simple thing.. We would defeat the alien satanic creatures who have almost captured our lonely planet.

This is the real problem facing Earth.. The rest are just red herrings to get us off the trail of what is really going on.