Sunday, January 22, 2012

What? 2012 Is The Year Of The Black Dragon?

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By Zen Gardner (Editor)

by Zen Gardner
Haven't had enough ominous stuff yet? It's not only the end of the world, January 21st marks the year of the BLACK frikking dragon!
Heck, that confirms it all!
Guess what, folks. Don't trust a damn thing you hear. Even this. Reality is a hell of a lot more interesting than trying to read truth through your tea leaves--although I've had some cool readings in my time..ha!
Seriously, this Black Dragon year puts everything over the top.

Dragon Good, or Dragon Bad?

It's so funny, the Chinese see this as a year of new beginnings, empowerment, glad tidings. And it's even a special dragon year, the year of the Black Dragon. Wow, that's gotta be good!
Astrologers are all over this:
The Dragon is magnificent. He is flamboyant, attractive and full of vitality and strength. In China the Dragon is the imperial symbol, the sign of the emperor, or the male element Yang. The Dragon is the symbol of power and wealth. (Source)
Really? I kind of had a different impression, but maybe I'm just prejudiced against fire-breathing reptilians dominating my life and planet for some reason.

Prophecy Nutsville Revisited?

While all these twisted tales and ancient true and false legends come tumbling down through the manipulated lens of altered history and fearful superstition, one can't help but wonder what the truth is to all this.
Is 2012 really significant and this again aligns with those prophecies? Has everything been turned upside down for the Chinese who can't see the handwriting on the wall?
Or is this a double fulfillment of sorts - the Chinese dominate the world while the western world crumbles under their feet?--i.e. good dragon, bad dragon.

Ah, glory. It's gonna be fun any way you look at it.

The Reptilian Issue

But reptilians are real, we are getting screwed by something nonetheless, and these vague veiled allusions to the Truth of the matter are comical yet aggravating.
Shall we explore? Here's some possibilities..

Reptoid and other Scenarios for Fun and Prophet

You gotta admit, this dragon factor is something if the Mayan calendar forebodings weren't working their way into people's psyches enough.
Here's some wild shots at possibles for 2012:
  • Will the Annunaki return, grab all the gold and eat everyone while they're at it?
  • Will the earth simply blow up in some catastrophic way and start over?
  • Will the self-appointed chosen ones be swept into the skies while the dumb bastard peoples of the earth fry?
  • Will we experience a Mad Max world-ending kill or be killed survivalism scenario take over the planet?
  • Will things chug along as they are while the NWO takes over on a nut-twisting police state planet?


-Will the awakening and creative vibrational power of the Universe now being amplified via cosmic forces balance out the negative vibrations and release massive amounts of awakening human minds and souls into transformation?
-Will the destructive forces fold in on themselves while nature redeems herself and releases the human hostages?
-Will the awakened slide into an altered state on a redeemed parallel planet leaving the others to the fate of the world they wouldn't acknowledge?
Think about that for a while.

Either way, we're OK.

Awakening's the key to it all. And helping others get there.
It's all part of the process but don't take apparent signs or seeming indicators all that harshly. They're exactly that. Possible signposts, ephemeral messages from who knows where, here today and often gone tomorrow.
What we have is here and now. Don't let them rob you of that. Humanity is way too easily scammed.
Simply do what you know is right. If you're reading this you most likely know or are about to know what that is.
The time to think and act consciously is now. Get on with it, and screw their fear games.
It's all part of their containment policy. Break the hell out of it.
Don't be led.
Love, Zen