Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let’s consider Alex Jones MSM from now on…..
By Anthony Migchels

Alex Jones has been hit lately by a number of very critical reviews. Jeff Rense is the most authoritative figure disconnecting from him.

Jones has a great audience, for sure, and he has helped many people snap out of the MSM brainwashing. But there are simply too many things that don’t add up……….

I’m not going to repeat any of the complaints I have vented on earlier, nor again cite the critical sources I already have.

The reaction to earlier complaints, though, have made clear really very many independent minded people distrust him as well. I’ll leave it to your own resources to check this statement.

Why again start this subject?

His latest publicity stunt. Now he has been invited by CNN to come on one of their shows. I’m not going to link to his scoop, you have probably already seen it and his site is well known to all people who read this blog.

He explains that CNN asked him to come on the show and he decided to go along. CNN is asking him (in his own words) whether he is responsible for all the violence against the government that is going on and being threatened. He says to them something to the effect of: “oh, you’re gonna interview me for fifteen minutes and then air maybe fifteen seconds.”

Notwithstanding his excellent appreciation of their tactics he agrees to do the interview. In his own words: ‘Ok, I’ll come in, because if I refuse, you’re gonna say Alex Jones wouldn’t come to the interview’……….

Now, what’s wrong with that? What is wrong with having the whores of CNN admit you don’t want to talk to them? He has a great site, millions of viewers. He probably has better exposure with his site than CNN with their TV show. Alex Jones on their show is probably a bigger asset for them than his appearance there is for him.

He could use the exposure he could generate easily to explain why he didn’t want to reinforce their show and deal with their tactics on his own site. More people would learn about CNN wanting to interview him there, than from their own programs.

In itself there is nothing wrong with appearing on CNN, whether they air the interview or not, which is apparently not certain at this point.

But I’m going to put forward three points. The most blatant first, another interesting point of content second and a challenge for your own spiritual discernment third.

One. Go to 8:16 of his interview. He states: ‘Ron Paul or myself……ahm……..The New York Times got it basically right that I’m the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement’. Now, I’m transcribing this, I’m not totally complete here.

But listen to his words. He is telling us his MSM opponents are right when they say he is the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement. Since when is the MSM saying anything worthwhile?

I ask you: is Alex Jones the Prophet of the Tea Party Movement? You are in a better position to answer this question than the MSM.

I ask you a second question. If you were the REAL Prophet of the Tea Party Movement, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable when the MSM, of all people, would call you that?

I know I would. I have experience with this. Some of the people around me, people that love me, have likened me to a prophet. You know what that does to me? It makes me sweat of discomfort. And not because I can’t handle praise, but because it is unreal. You read some stuff. You get to your own conclusions. You share them with other people. If they then call you a prophet is almost as bad as when they call you an anti-semite.

But Jones is telling CNN they are probably right.

Two. Alex Jones makes very clear in the interview he is a ‘constitutionalist’. He adores the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

Please take note of this story, if you haven’t already.

There is something pretty big you are missing if you equal the Founding Fathers to Jesus Christ. I know there are many who do so in the Patriot/Truth community. But this is something you wanna wake up to.

So his grasp of the content is pretty meager, for a prophet.

Three. Look at this picture. Look at it hard. Look at it, while connecting with the silence within yourself.

Then look at this picture.

And third, look at Alex Jones while he is being interviewed by CNN. Look at the entire interview and observe his body language. The way he uses his body. Look at his blinking eyes. Listen to his voice.

Now, this is what it is all about. How do you discern truth from non truth? How do you discern false prophets from real ones?
I’m not kidding you, I look a lot more like Alex than Meher. Especially when I’m dealing with people who want to destroy me, like Alex is when dealing with CNN.

But look hard while opening your heart. The answers are there.