Thursday, August 5, 2010

RED ALERT: The Other Well

by spookyweather

This shows that BP are lying about having capped the gushing well. I captured this video a couple hours after BP issued a press release claiming that their "static kill" procedure had successfully taken control of the well. Kudos to Youtube user "2010MsBambi" for tipping me off to this -- watch his excellent 4-part video series about this topic at Youtube. But what would take you 40 minutes to hear him explain I can do for you in a fraction of the time.

The Skandi ROV #1, one of the pair that were parked in front of the oil gusher all those weeks, was moved after the tropical storm came through the Gulf. It is now parked in front of "Well A," the one that BP first attempted, then capped and abandoned after problems developed. They then drilled "Well B" which is the one that blew Deepwater Horizon out of the water and was and still is gushing oil.

BP claim that they are showing you video of a capped Well B, which is a lie.
The Skandi ROV, parked on the wellhead [that] BP claims is Well B's, is at map coordinates X=1202778 and Y=1043165**2, with two numbers not clear from the video.

This is hands-down proof that BP are lying and showing pictures of the neat, clean cap they put months and months ago on Well A before moving Deepwater Horizon over Well B's location and starting to drill it. The oil is still coming out Well B and BP cannot stop it so they are lying to limit their financial damages.

Visit the link above and check the data. It looks like BP is not being truthful here !

Something is going on at Well B and we are not allowed to see it.

The big question is why lie if they can't fix the problem ? Eventually the truth will reveal itself as the Gulf of Mexico is filled with oil. Maybe the BP executives are buying time before the company implodes ?

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 6th, 2010.]