Saturday, August 14, 2010

WRH Reader is pissed at Tea Party

The Tea Party is another clever ruse by Likud operatives to push the the Republican Party even further into the Zionist fascist orbit ..... They borrowed the grassroots strategy and cultural populist zeitgeist of Ron Paul's Revolution - then proceeded to leave Paul in the dust ..This Tea Party Revolution will be drenched in the blood of Americans yet unborn as our fading republic is transformed into a Zionist mercenary-state ..... Afghanistan , Iraq , Iran .... followed by Pakistan , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Egypt , the UAE, Kuwait ,Qatar .... "Greater Israel " is multi-general project for a New Israeli Century ....And future American generations are the sacrificial goats to be sacrificed to give birth to this bastard child , The new Jerusalem .... Ah , you must be exaggerating , we Americans aren't that dumb ....Sadly many are that dumb ..... the Foxsuckers, the Dittoheads , The Becker-heads and the 700 clubbers believe in a Savage Zionist Nation .. And Sarah Palin is their philosopher-queen .... These brainwashed anti-Islamic bigots pollute the minds of their children and grandchildren .. They encourage them to sacrifice all for the greater Glory of that Gangster's Paradise far away..... Don't drink the Tea ....Piss in their cup .....

Author unknown